7 Key of Cloud Computing Trends (Enterprise Computing)



Cloud computing has become one of the most constitutive trends in the past five years. However, it used as a key agent for business transformation for the modernization of existing information technology infrastructure. For instance, Cloud computing investments have grown steadily.


The Continued Rise of Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud will be the implementation model of choice as more flexibility. Therefore, different cloud providers is offered for the company. For instance, 75% of organizations will have deployed a multi-cloud or hybrid cloud model in 2020. Besides that, another report found that the hybrid cloud demand is factors have to drive, along with cost efficiency, scalability, agility, and security. Hybrid clouds provide economies of scale thus maintaining delivering security to the sensitive information of organizations.


Edge Computing Moves to Center Stage

A Cisco survey forecasts that the number of devices linked to IP networks more than 3 times. A McKinsey study claims that 127 new IoT devices connect to the network every second. This obviously has a major impact on the way data centers are built, as companies will need smaller data centers and place it closer to the location where data is generated.


Hyper-scale Data Centers Set to Scale Up

Businesses operate at a hectic speed in the modern world. Therefore, in this period companies are unable to wait for their IT systems to provide services at the pace that traditional systems. Furthermore, organizations need an IT infrastructure that can scale to satisfy increased demand and simply reduce accordingly when demand decreases. In addition, Hyper-scale refers to an IT system or architecture’s ability to scale exponentially and efficiently to respond to increasingly heavy.


Demand for Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service Peaks

The cost of downtime is increasing as more organizations take the digital route. For instance, if it’s an e-commerce business, the cost can be devastating because downtime means lost revenue opportunities. However, organizations has to be legally compliant and be confident that their plans for disaster recovery are in place.


Hyperconverged Infrastructure Set to See Increased Interest

An IT architecture that incorporates storage systems, servers, and networking into one single platform. Therefore, it has appeared to be a common choice due to its promise of centralised and easy to monitoring, while increasing scalability. Then, 20% of the business systems currently deployed on three-tier IT infrastructure can migrate to hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI). HCI solutions are increasingly evolving for public cloud platforms as these systems are easy to manage and help minimize the costs of traditional data center systems.


Increased Use of AI in the Data Center

2020 will increase the use of AI in the data center. AI can be used to solve issues before they happen. Therefore, AI-based systems can help data centers in develop from past data and spreads workloads over peak periods more efficiently. Then, AI also can assist businesses in solving problem shortage issues. Then, AI-based services and solutions will be delivered through the cloud.


The Rise of Containers

The build it once, run it anywhere mantra of containers has gained considerable interest among organizations. Furthermore, as containers simplify deployment, management, and operational problems related to a hybrid cloud, they are expected to see the deployment, in line with the growth observed in the hybrid cloud.

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