SaaS VS PaaS VS IaaS: Differences Between Them & Who Needs What

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If you’re considering moving your eCommerce business to the Cloud, here are three important acronyms to wrap your head around:

These are the three main types of cloud computing.
– IaaS
– PaaS
– SaaS


The Key Differences Between SaaS, PaaS, IaaS

SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS are simply three ways to describe how you can use the cloud for your business.

IaaS: Cloud-based services, pay-as-you-go for services such as storage, networking, and virtualization.
PaaS: On the Internet, hardware and software resources are available.
SaaS: Software that is accessible over the internet through a third party.


Examples of SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS

Most businesses using SaaS and IaaS cloud computing service models, and many engage developers to create applications using PaaS.
IaaS: Google Compute Engine (GCE), Digital Ocean.
PaaS: Windows Azure (mostly used as PaaS), OpenShift, AWS Elastic Beanstalk.
SaaS: Google Apps, Dropbox, BigCommerce.


The Three Types of Cloud Computing Service Models


#1 IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service).


    1. provide services like pay-as-you-go storage, networking, and virtualization.
    1. Provides cloud-based alternatives to on-site infrastructure for users, so that businesses can avoid investing in pricey on-site resources.

IaaS Delivery: Through Internet.

It needs a significant initial investment in physical hardware, and then you will probably need to hire external IT contractors in order to maintain the hardware and keep everything working in a good situation and up-to-date.

IaaS solutions are highly scalable and flexible. In addition, you can replace it if you need it without waste money on your initial investment. Another benefit of IaaS is it puts back in your hand’s control over the infrastructure.

IaaS Characteristics:

    Accessible by multiple users.
    Highly flexible and scalable.

When Needs Use IaaS:
IaaS is useful for businesses of all shapes and sizes, as it allows full ownership of the infrastructure and works on a pay-as-you-use model, so it fits into most budgets. However, With most IaaS platforms, you get access to comprehensive support and have the option of ramping up your requirements at any time.


#2 PaaS (Platform as a Service)

Provides hardware and software resources over the internet. Therefore, people use these tools to create applications. PaaS users tend to be developers.

PaaS Delivery: Through Internet.

It is mainly used by developers who are building software or applications. This means that developers don’t need to start from scratch when creating applications, saving them a lot of time and money on writing code. Then, PaaS is a good choice for businesses who want to create unique applications without investing a fortune or taking on all the responsibility.

PaaS Characteristics:

    1. Accessible by multiple users.
    1. Scalable.
    1. Easy to run without extensive system administration knowledge.

When Needs Use PaaS:
PaaS is the most cost-effective and time-effective way for a developer to create a specific application. After that, it enables the developer to concentrate on the creative side of app development, as compared to menial tasks such as handle software updates or security fixes. All of their time and brainpower will go into creating, testing, and deploying the app.


#3 SaaS (Software as a Service)

SaaS platforms make software available to users through the internet, usually for a monthly subscription fee.

SaaS Delivery: Through internet.

Everything is available through the internet when you log into your account online. After that, users can usually access the software from any device, anytime.

SaaS Characteristics:

      1. Available through the internet.
      1. Scalable
      1. Hosted on a remote server by a third-party provider.

When Needs Use SaaS:
To send and receive emails without having to fiddle with your email settings or worry about the updates. Therefore, Imagine if your email server went under because you no update it and didn’t have an email for days? That’s simply not feasible in today’s marketplace. In addition, If you use a SaaS platform to run your email inbox, the chances of going wrong are very low.

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