Linux vs Windows Hosting: Which Is Better for WordPress?


Linux vs Windows Hosting: Which Is Better for WordPress?

We will explain what a server OS is in this article. We’ll also explain Linux vs Windows hosting compared.

You’ll have to focus on a hosting platform prior to starting your WordPress site. In addition to the company’s features, you might also want to consider the operating system (OS) servers, which often consisted of two options: Linux vs. Windows hosting. Besides that, the difference between the two is not immediately apparent.

The operating system of your server will affect the way it behaves. There are various technologies used by Linux and windows which may not be consistent with all websites. Understanding your goals is important, as the right OS can either assist you or cause you a lot of stress.

Just as any computer has an operating system, your server also runs on one. Most users especially if you just want to set up a simple website, won’t have to worry about this. Also, you should know about the various choices available when you decide to dig deeper into the server setup or network infrastructure.

Linux will be the default server OS for your WordPress site. In the web hosting world, it’s a more mature system that has gained a strong reputation. It’s consistent with cPanel as well.

Linux is a software that is open source and with the following characteristics:

      Stability:The software has gained a reputation for being reliable.
      Security:Due to it being open source, Linux is kept securely.
      Low cost:When your provider bypasses extra licence costs, you may benefit from cheaper hosting plans.

Windows, is the most common desktop OS for PC users. You may have learned about it as a Windows Server product in the context of web hosting.

      Creativity:Windows uses cloud-centric technology and provides cloud hosting with a hybrid approach.
      Ease of use:Windows is easy to setup and instal, for less experienced users.

Why you want to consider Linux vs Windows hosting

Each OS behaves differently. Linux or Windows servers could not be compatible with some web apps. Generally, the type of software that you decide to update should be your key point of concern.

Ask yourself the following questions before choosing OS:

      Are you prepared for extra costs?
      For your website to function, would you focus on ASP, .NET, or MS SQL?
      Do you using cPanel?
      Do you want more flexibility or an easy set-up?

Which hosting is best for WordPress: Linux or Windows?

Linux is the best OS. WordPress functions on PHP and Windows is even harder to configure. The Microsoft Access database is not as stable as MySQL, and your website could slow down.

You can easily find reliable, managed WordPress hosting that uses this OS, as there are no license costs associated with Linux. Most popular hosts will also provide an intuitive dashboard, making it much easier to use Linux than it would otherwise be.

Linux also benefits from being a platform that is open source. Many developers contribute to the system, such as WordPress, to ensure that it is safe and stable. For custom code and application creation, Linux is versatile enough.

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