Creating Certificate for the FTPS Server

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Creating Certificate for the FTPS Server


You need a TLS/SSL certificate to secure your FTP server. Ideally, you should acquire the certificate from a certificate authority.

You may also create a self-signed certificate locally, but in such case users of your FTPS server will be warned, when connecting to the server.

To create the self-signed certificate:

  • In IIS Manager, open IIS > Server Certificates.
  • Click on Create Self-Signed Certificate action.
  • Specify a certificate name (e.g. “FTP Server”) and submit with OK.

Self-signed certificates created by IIS Manager do not work with FTPS clients that check for key usage violations.2 To create a certificate with a correct key usage, use New-SelfSignedCertificate PowerShell as an Administrator:

New-SelfSignedCertificate -FriendlyName "FTP Server" -CertStoreLocation cert:localmachinemy -DnsName
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