How to Scan for Malware in Linux using AI-BOLIT

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How to Scan for Malware in Linux using AI-BOLIT

SSH to your server and navigate to the path that is one level above the document root of your website using the cd command. For example, if the document root of your website is /home/<username>/domains/<domain>/public_html, run the command below: 

cd /home/<username>/domains/<domain>

Download AI-BOLIT scanner by using links. If you don’t have it installed, you can install and run it using the following commands: 

yum -y install links links

This will allow you to access the AI-BOLIT website through your server’s command-line interface. Navigate to Download Free and press enter to download the AI-BOLIT scanner.

Accept the prompt by selecting Save.

Press CTRL + C to exit links once you have downloaded the file. Now, extract the files from the zip folder and run AI-BOLIT in a screen using the following commands. This will start a scan of the document root of your website.

unzip cd ai-bolit screen php ai-bolit.php –path=/home//domains//public_html

*Please note that the time needed to complete the scan depends on the size of the website

Once the scan has been completed, locate the scan report in the public_html folder. The report can be viewed from the web browser and saved using CTRL + S.

Once the scan report has been saved, remove the scan report from the public_html folder. We also recommend removing AI-BOLIT files from the server once you have completed the scan for security purposes.

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