Wesbytes Referrals Program

Recurring Rewards for You Every Month

Earn 20% recurring rewards every month!

FAQs About Wesbytes Referrals Program


How do I get started?

You can share the referral link to your friends or you can post the link your Fcaebook page, website, blog, forum, web hosting talk, social media accounts etc.

What is recurring payment?

Recurring payment is applied to your account every time a payment is made by an active customer that you have referred.

How long does it take for the money to be reflected on my account?

Your rewards will be reflected in your account 30 days after the payment of the purchased product is successful. This is to prevent fraud order.

How do you track my rewards?

Cookies allow to track all the visitors that come to our website. These last for up to 90 days after the visit, so we keep a good record of them. Using the cookies, we can also track those who purchase our services within 90 days.