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Dec 3, 2020


The free AutoSSL that comes with cPanel as a standard should be automatically renewed. There is a bug in some older versions of cPanel that delays automatic renewal. The latest updates have resolved this problem. If your VPS has not been updated to the new version, you may still encounter an error. For AutoSSL that does not run on a VPS, this step-by-step guide is a fast repair. How to resolve these errors in both the short term and on a more lasting basis.

We’ll explain about

    Run Manually for a Quick Fix
    Fixing the Cronjob
    Update cPanel


Run Manually for a Quick Fix

This error will prevent the running of AutoSSL. You can still manually run AutoSSL, Personal cPanel accounts can use the SSL/TLS Status section to run AutoSSL. If you want to run AutoSSL for all your cPanel accounts simultaneously, login to the Web Hosting Manager (WHM) as a root.


Fixing the Cronjob

On your server, Cron is a program that runs tasks on a set schedule. There are a few ways, set up these systems, named ‘cron jobs’. Unless something is wrong, cPanel automatically generates the cron jobs. If you do not run an AutoSSL cron, you will need to reset the cron to WHM.

It’s easy to fix the cronjob by deactivating and reactivating AutoSSL.

STEP 1. Login to WHM as root.
STEP 2. Go to the section ‘Manage AutoSSL’ or ‘Manage AutoSSL Providers’.
STEP 3. In the ‘Providers’ tab, choose to disable AutoSSL and save changes.
STEP 4. After WHM saves change, select AutoSSL provider. Usually this will be ‘cPanel (powered by Sectigo)’. Save change.
STEP 5. AutoSSL cronjob is repaired. Then, go ahead and click ‘Run AutoSSL for All Users’ to make sure you did not miss any accounts.


Update cPanel

AutoSSL cronjobs stop running due to a bug in older versions. If you have this problem, chances are that you’ll need to update! As soon as you are ready, upgrade your cPanel to the latest stable version. Before you do, make sure you’ve taken backups and are able to update. From now on, the AutoSSL cron can run without a problem!

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