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Create an Auto-Responder in SmarterMail

Last modified: July 2, 2022
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How to create an Auto-Responder in SmarterMail

1. Log in to your SmarterMail account first.
2. Secondly, click on the down arrow button to scroll down in the left navigation toolbar if the Settings symbol is not visible.
3. Next, go to My Settings and select Autoresponder.
4. Finally, click the Enable Autoresponder checkbox to enable your autoresponder.
5. In the Options area, you can choose how you want the autoresponder to act. Disable autoresponder responses to indirect mail – this stops the autoresponder from replying to emails that aren’t directed directly to you (for instance, an email where you are listed in the CC: field) Limit responses to one per day – don’t send an auto-response to the same sender more than once per day.

1. Log in to your SmartMail account first.

2. Secondly, click on the down arrow button to scroll down in the left navigation toolbar if the Settings symbol is not visible.

3. Next, go to My Settings and select Autoresponder.

4. Finally, click the Enable Autoresponder checkbox to enable your autoresponder.

5. In the Options area, you can choose how you want the autoresponder to act.

  • Disable responses to indirect mail – this stops the autoresponder from replying to emails that aren’t directed to you (for instance, an email where you are listed in the CC: field)
  • Limit responses to once daily – prevent being sent email to an auto-response by same sender from more than once per day.

6. Finally, select the Auto-Responder Message tab. For your autoresponder email, enter a Subject and Message content.

7. Finally, press the Save button.

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