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Create new folders in SmarterMail

Last modified: July 4, 2022
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By reading this article, you will learn about how to create folders in your SmarterMail. Simply follow the steps below and let’s start!

Step 1
Firstly, select the Actions menu dropdown and then click on New Folder.

Step 2
Secondly, select and enter a Folder name.

Step 3
Click the Save button.

Step 4
Next, select and right-click the Building Project folder.

Step 5
Then select New Folder.

Step 6
By default Building Project will be the selected Parent folder. Enter your new Folder name, this will be a sub-folder of the Building Project folder.

Step 7
After that, click on the Save button.

Step 8
Our Building Project folder now displays a + sign designating a sub-folder. Click the + sign to expand the view and display our sub-folder.

Renaming and Deleting Folders

Anytime you decide you no longer need a personal mail folder, you can change its name or even remove it.

Select the appropriate folder in the navigation pane to rename it. Rename Folder can be found on the pop-out menu that appears when you click the Menu symbol at the bottom of your list of folders. Enter the new folder name you want to use in the New Folder Name area. By choosing a different directory in the Parent column, you may also alter the location where the folder is saved. Next, select Save.

Select the relevant folder in the navigation pane to delete it. Select Delete Folder from the menu by clicking the menu symbol at the bottom of your list of folders. To delete the folder and all of its contents, click OK.

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