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How many emails sent per account?

Last modified: July 2, 2022
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We set the limits to 200 emails per domain/hour to prevent the servers from being mail or spam abused.

You must be aware of this. particularly if you conduct email outreach The email sending restrictions vary depending on the email service provider. The restrictions may be per day, per hour, or perhaps even per minute. Without realising it, your email provider may block your account if you send cold email campaigns inside those limits.

Why is it crucial to be aware of the email sending limits?

The email service provider’s limits are the ones to watch out for when setting up your cold email campaigns if you’re sending them from your own mailbox (SMTP).

Your email account may be blocked if you send too many emails per day (or occasionally, per hour, or even per minute). You won’t be able to send any emails from this account for at least 24 hours, for instance.

Your campaigns will seamlessly transmit as planned and your emails won’t be deemed SPAM if you are aware of the limits and configure your delivery time and daily email sending capacity accordingly. However, you must avoid sending emails with low-quality content or no attachments.

You might be blacklisted before you hit your daily sending cap if you transmit anything that is regarded as spam. Keep in mind that if you want to avoid being banned, the deliverability of your cold emails is equally essential.

Your provider’s email sending restrictions apply to all emails sent from your address. Because of this, your campaign should include multiple follow-ups. Remember that after a few days or weeks, a number of follow-up emails will also be scheduled to be sent daily along with your first touch emails. You may easily go above the restrictions because all of the planned email kinds overlap. The same holds true for simultaneously sending multiple campaigns from the same email address.

Free Gmail email sending limit

Per day: 100 messages maximum via SMTP (but 500 emails via browser).

Per hour: No formal information is available. From our experience, it’s best to limit the number of messages you send from a free Gmail account to 20 each hour.

Additional good-to-know: Gmail will temporarily or permanently block your account if you send more messages than allowed. We often advise setting up an address on a different domain using G Suite, Google’s business email service, rather than launching cold email campaigns from a regular free Gmail account. You now have more options about the outreach loudness and control over your sending preferences.

Additionally, if your email is sent from a corporate domain rather than [email protected], your recipients will take you more seriously. As a result, if you do want to use a free Gmail account for outreach purposes, make sure the address appears trustworthy to your recipients.

But the most important thing to remember is that managing the amount of your outreach is only one thing; you also need to take care of the quality. Your provider might ban you before you reach the quantity cap if you send a lot of low-quality, impersonal cold emails to unverified addresses. especially if Gmail is your email provider. So keep in mind that in this case, quality is much more crucial than quantity.

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