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How to Change Your Header in WordPress

Last modified: July 2, 2022
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What is WordPress Header?

WordPress Header is a universal element that appears on every page and post of your website. By using Wesbytes as an example, this page’s top bar and all of its components are collectively referred to as the header:

The header affects your visitors’ first impression of your website and contains critical information and Calls To Action (CTAs). You might have noticed our logo, important menu links, and Live Chat button in the header above, for example.

No matter if it is a blog, online business, portfolio, or something else entirely, an excellent and distinctive header is crucial. A WordPress custom header is a feature that many themes offer that enables you to customise the header with your own styling, text, or image.

Change Your Header With WordPress Customizer

    1. Login to your WordPress Dashboard.
    2. Select Appearance -> Header. You will be taken to the Custom Header admin page, from which you can make simple changes to your header.
    3. Here you can see a preview of current header.
    4. In the Customize option, you have the option of selecting an image you’ve uploaded or one from your computer or our media library.
    5. You will be directed to the Crop Header Image page once you have finished selecting an image. You can either make changes to the image area or move on without doing so.
    6. Click Crop and Publish.
    7. Lastly, click on the blue Publish button after you have finished editing your header to save your changes.
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