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How to Check if IP is Blocked from IPtables

Last modified: July 2, 2022
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Linux VPS

Checking if an IP is blocked in IPTABLES

Iptables is a program that utilizes policy chains to configure the IP packet filter rules of Linux kernel firewall in order to allow or block traffic. For instance, this firewall can be installed to your Linux Dedicated or Virtual Server to secure your server workloads. Let’s say if a user attempts to SSH into your server, iptables will try to match the IP address and port to a rule in the input chain. 

Check if IP is blocked:

iptables -L -n –line | grep [IP Address]

If IP appear as DROP or REJECT the IP in the IPTable has been blocked. Therefore, you would need to unblock the IP Address:

iptables -I INPUT -s [IP Address] -j ACCEPT

And this is how to block back an IP Address:

iptables -A INPUT -d [IP Address] -j DROP

Note: [IP Address] is the specific IP you wish to check or update the status.

Unblock an IP from the CSF from SSH

Step 1

Firstly, to check if the CSF has blocked the IP, please execute the following command:

csf -g [IP Address]

Step 2

Secondly, if the IP is denied and you wish to remove it, please execute the following command:

csf -dr [IP Address]

Step 3

Lastly, to complete the process, you will need to restart CSF for the changes to take effect:

csf -r

Note: The ull path to IPTABLES is /sbin/iptables, but you can replace command # iptables with /sbin/iptables

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