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How to Create Email Account in VestaCP

Last modified: July 2, 2022
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Step 1. Login to VestaCP

  1. Firstly, open any browser on your desktop.

  2. Next, open your VestaCP link and insert your login details.

  3. Then, click Log in.

Step 2. Create an email account in VestaCP

  1. Click ‘MAIL’ on the top of the page.

  2. Next, click ‘ADD ACCOUNT’ button.

  3. After that, insert your details into the ‘ADD EMAIL ACCOUNT’ form.

  4. Always remember your generated password.

  5. Then, if you wish to have the login credential to your email address, enter your email address in the ‘Send login credentials to email address’ text box.

  6. Lastly, click ‘Add’.

  7. An email account has successfully created.

Step 3. Check whether the email is successfully created

  1. Under the ‘USE SERVER HOSTNAME’, copy the Webmail URL given and paste the URL into the new tab browser, and then press Enter.
    Click the ‘MAIL’ menu, and then click ‘OPEN WEBMAIL’.This step will lead you to a new page which is Roundcube Webmail site.

  2. Next, enter the username and password that you created just now.

  3. If you can successfully login your account, then your email is successfully created under your domain name.
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