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How to Enable/Disable SpamAssassin

Last modified: July 2, 2022
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What is SpamAssasin?

All cPanel and WHM installations include the free anti-spam programme SpamAssassin, which is used to filter out incoming email on a server-side basis.

All cPanel email accounts are compatible with SpamAssassin. It can be used to mark mails as spam so you can quickly let them know. Additionally, you have the option to configure SpamAssassin to eliminate any spam emails automatically.

As soon as you register an email account or log in for the first time, we advise activating SpamAssassin.

To Enable/Disable SpamAssasin

    1. Log into cPanel.
    2. Next, click the SpamAssassin icon in the Mail section.
    3. In the gray box, click Enable SpamAssassin to enable; or click Disable SpamAssassin to disable.
    **You will receive a confirmation message on the next page, depending on the option you selected, stated that SpamAssassin was either enabled or disabled.

Spam Score Limit

Each incoming email message is scanned by SpamAssassin, which assigns a score based on the spam characteristics. SpamAssassin classifies messages with a score of 5 as spam by default, however you can change the spam score cap to suit your preferences:

  • Score 1 – everything incoming will be marked as spam.
  • Score 5 – the default spam score for SpanmAssassin.
  • Score 10 – any message with a score of 10 or less will not be marked as spam.

To change the default spam score:

    1. Click Configure SpamAssassin under SpamAssassin Configuration.
    2. In the required_score field, enter your preferred value.
    3. Lastly, click Save at the bottom of the page.
    **The changes will be applied to all email accounts in your cPanel.

Email Filtering

You can use Spam Box or email filtering in SpamAssassin to move spam from your inbox to another folder.

Spam Box

When the Spam Box is turned on, a spam folder will be generated. After that, spam is delivered directly to this folder, where you may review and manage it before deleting it. Simply click Enable Spam Box under the Spam Box section to activate the spam box.

User Level Filtering

The settings for SpamAssassin are applied to all email accounts in your cPanel. However, you can also use filtering for individual email account to direct spam for that account.

To enable individual email account filtering:

    1. First, log into webmail.
    2. Create a folder named spam and exit webmail.
    3. In the Mail section of cPanel, select User Level Filtering.
    4. Click on Manage Filters next to the appropriate user.
    5. Select Create a New Filter. You will be redirected to a new page.
    6. In the Filter Name field, enter a name for the filter.
    7. Under Rules, select Spam Status from the drop-down menu. Note: If this option is not available, make sure that Spam Assassin is enabled.
    8. In the adjacent drop-down menu, select begins with.
    9. Next, type the word Yes in the blank box below the drop-down menus.
    10. Under Actions, select Deliver to folder.
    11. Click Browse and select the “spam” folder.
    12. Lastly, click Create.

Now you can log into your mail client and subscribe to the new spam folder.

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