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How to Update Domain Contact Information?

Last modified: June 23, 2022
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How to Update Domain Contact Information?

To update the domain contact information for example “” please follow the below steps.

1. Please login to your client panel

2. Go to the “Domain” button and click on “My Domains”.

3. Click on the “Down Arrow” button and select “Edit Contact Information”.

4. On this page you can update your domain contact information such as domain account contact, email address, and other information.

What should I do?

Have you ever gotten an email from your registrar asking you to check and update the contact details for your domain? Despite the fact that this email is lengthy and packed with information, you shouldn’t dismiss it. It needs action on your part to review the information connected with your domain name and make modifications (if necessary) (if necessary). For a few reasons, it’s critical to keep your contact information current.

When your domain name registration is about to expire, the registrar is required to let you know. Usually, email is used for this. It could take a long time and cost a lot of money to get your domain name registration renewed if your registrar cannot contact you because your contact information is out of date or it may not be recoverable at all.

Making sure you get updates from your registrar when changes are made to your domain name registration is another crucial consideration. These notifications are provided for your safety so that you can check and double-check the accuracy of the modifications. Additionally, it will enable you to respond appropriately to unlawful changes. Bad actors may access your account through harmful means. To lock you out of your account and hijack your domain name, they might alter the information related to your domain name registration. Maintaining accurate contact details for your domain name registration is crucial for your safety and the safety of your company.

How to Ensure Your Domain Name Contact Information Is Up-to-Date

Contact your registrar to update your information if any of your domain contact details, including email, postal address, or phone number, change. The ICANN WHOIS Data Reminder Policy stipulates that you must get the annual reminder email from your registrant (WDRP). Do not wait for this reminder, though. It’s crucial that you promptly update your contact information if something changes. This is done to avoid losing or disrupting your domain name registration. You must speak with your registrar to update your contact information because ICANN is unable to do it on your behalf.

If you have any reservations or inquiries regarding the validity of emails about your WHOIS data, you can get in touch with your registrar immediately due to the prevalence of security issues like phishing attacks. You can email ICANN at [email protected] if you haven’t been receiving reminder emails from your registrar.

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