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New Domain Name Email Blocked by Google Mail/Gmail

Last modified: July 2, 2022
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New Domain Name Email Blocked by Google Mail/Gmail

We got a feedback from a user that Google Mail:

One of their new domain names was prohibited by Gmail. They had no idea why this happened. Below are some instructions on how to prevent Google Mail from blocking your email in their system. Please keep in mind that Gmail’s spam filtering is based on the reputation of the sender mail server’s IP address.

Probable reasons among others, may include:

  1. For starters, the IP address sends a lot of spam to Gmail.
  2. Second, many Gmail users report spam from that IP address using the “report spam” feature.
  3. Then, a previously compromised mail server was utilised to disseminate spam.
  4. Your server was then given a new IP address, which had previously been used to distribute spam.

Suggestions on improving Mail Delivery to Google Mail System

  1. Ensure that SPF and DKIM are used for authentication.
  2. After that, go over the Google bulk Sender’s Guidlines.
  3. In addition, check to see whether the email contains any suspicious-looking or spam material, or if it was sent with a big number of recipients (“bulk mail”) to send out newsletters, invites, and so on. This is due to the possibility that the spam will be received by a large number of people. Bulk mail is much more likely to be mistaken for spam by the spam filter.

Things to Avoid

  • Don’t buy email addresses from other companies.
  • Next, don’t send email to those who haven’t signed up to receive your messages. It’s possible that the recipients are classifying undesirable texts as spam. Your server’s future mails to these users will be designated as spam.
  • Finally, opt-in forms that are checked by default should be avoided. Automatic opt-in is prohibited in some nations and regions. As a result, before opting-in users automatically, you should always check the legislation in your country/region.
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