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Website using CMS Mambo

Last modified: July 2, 2022
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Website using/on Mambo CMS

Our security team recently received a warning regarding a number of websites that CMS developers have created. Mambo has the following problems: Since 2008, a lack of CMS updates has allowed numerous hackers to deface their websites.

Therefore, in order to prevent website defacement or hacking, our security administrator would like to encourage all users to gradually stop utilising Mambo in their website application or interface.

Here is some extra information...

What is Mambo CMS?

Mambo was a free programming/open-source content management platform. We refer to it as Mambo Open Source or MOS (CMS). Through a simple web interface, we frequently utilise it to create and manage webpages. Its most recent launch occurred in 2008, by which time the majority of the engineers had left for the project’s successors, including Joomla and MiaCMS.

Mambo has features like page reserving to improve performance on busy sites. Additionally, it has advanced template techniques and a programming interface that offers RSS channels. Additionally, Mambo automates a variety of tasks, including the web crawling of static content. The interface’s highlights include dialect internationalisation, conversations, polls, date-books, news flashes, web diaries, printed forms of pages, and more.

Mambo Establishment is also in charge of protecting the rights to the Mambo CMS name, codebase, and copyrights. It was established as a non-profit corporation to support and advance the Mambo Open Source project. The Mambo Establishment supports the development of the Mambo framework and works to safeguard the project from threats and abuse. Mambo is a business-oriented PHP application that makes use of the MySQL database.

Moreover, Miro Global was the company that first developed Mambo. As long as the server supports PHP and MySQL, we can use Mambo on Linux, Unix, Windows, and Macintosh OS X servers. In addition, Mambo is a great and practical tool for both designers and inexperienced clients. They are those that require a simple yet elegant method to show expertise.

Advantages of Mambo CMS

  • High secure programming improvement
  • Simple & sensible custom Mambo programming arrangements
  • Sensible improvement expenses as well as time diminishing outsourcing
  • Lifetime support & backing for existing Mambo applications
  • Full Mambo programming applications

You can download Mambo CMS through this link:

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