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Why are my emails not delivered or sent to spam?

Last modified: July 2, 2022
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Why are my emails not delivered or sent to spam

Anti-spam filters are already present on every mail server. Because your email message content is identified as spam by email providers or anti-spam organisations like SpamAssassin, your emails are not delivered or filtered (landed at spam/junk folder).
You can use the following advice to increase your inbox rate:

i) Get Permission

The basic step to take to guarantee good delivery is this. Send emails just to addresses that have signed up for your newsletter (people go to your website and enter their email addresses to get the specific information from you).

ii) Subject and Message Content in Your Email

Avoid using terms like “FREE,” “click here,” “purchase now,” and similar expressions that have a high spam score in the email subject or message body. Email blasting software offers a spam score checker feature that you can use.

iii) Unbalanced Message Content in Your Email

Your email will likely end up in the junk/spam folder if it is nearly entirely made up of images. When you send numerous emails with photos, anti-spam systems start to become suspicious. We might advise using links to content stored on a web server.

iv) Avoid Attachments with Emails

It is best to avoid including any attachments with your emails. To prevent your email from being flagged as spam, please utilise links to files stored on a web server.

v) Don't use the Generic Emails Address

Use a registered domain as your email address rather than a free email address like or as your “from” email. Spammers frequently utilise email addresses hosted at or

vi) Include Unsubscribe Links

Manage and refresh your mailing list frequently. Give your subscribers “unsubscribe” options so they can take their email address off your list at any time.

vii) Remove Inactive Subscribers

Delete from your list any outdated or inactive subscribers. Email delivery is significantly influenced by subscriber involvement. You may improve your total delivery rates by concentrating on your engaged subscribers.
Please see the advice given by email service providers for further details:
For example:

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