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Windows Commands – Nslookup

Last modified: July 2, 2022
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Windows Commands Query

Please refer to the following instance 

  1. Firstly, > nslookup
    Default Server:
  2. Secondly, > mailhost
  3. And next, MX preference = 0
  4. Then, mail exchanger internet address =

You can refer to this article from Microsoft KB for more information.

What is nslookup?

First off, nslookup is a straightforward but incredibly useful command-line programme. We mostly use it to perform a “Reverse DNS Lookup,” which is the process of determining the IP address or domain name that belongs to a host. The operating system in question’s command-line supports the use of Nslookup. The command prompt is used by Windows users to launch the service. A terminal window is used by Unix users. Additionally, a variety of services are now available that can facilitate online nslookup usage.

In addition, Nslookup gets the pertinent address information straight from name servers’ DNS caches. The user can choose between two alternative modes to accomplish this task. The tool inspects resource records, which are what the address entries in the DNS cache are known as, when it is in the non-interactive mode. These are generally stored in the neighbourhood name server. The technique works particularly well for straightforward searches that only require looking up a single domain entry. The interactive mode is required if you wish to conduct more involved searches and utilise a different DNS server. The command-line programme must initially be launched separately.

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