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.ASIA Domain Registrations, you can establish a strong regional presence.

With only one domain name, you may connect to a whole area. Make connections with various nations and improve your individuality.

Introducing .ASIA Domain

A single domain name may connect you to a whole area. Develop stronger ties with other countries and a stronger sense of self.

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Why should you register domain name?

Creating a Connection

In the Asia community, develop a strong feeling of belonging and identity.

Stand out from the crowd

Become more identifiable and distinct from competitors that use generic domain extensions such as.COM.

Simple and short

Easy to memorise and recall.

Longer Range

Increase your visibility by targeting many nations rather than just one using the.ASIA domain.


The DotAsia Organization sponsors the ASIA domain extension. It’s also a regional domain for businesses, organisations, and individuals with a demographic target market in Asia, Australia, or the Pacific.

. ASIA is a brief, memorable term that focuses on Asia’s identity and has enduring meaning. The value for the name. ASIA is known for its growing SMEs, as evidenced by the fact that many of them have continued to expand outside their local market by utilising the Internet as a platform for quick expansion.

Many organisations, campaigns, and events, for example, use “Asia” as a distinguishing element:

  • Asian Games, ITU Telecom Asia, and other Asia-based events
  • Local corporations moving into Asia’s regional market, as well as multinational companies’ Asia headquarters or subsidiaries.
  • NGOs and non-profits headquartered in Asia, such as APNIC, APNG, and others.
  • Newspapers, periodicals, and television networks in Asia, such as Asian Wall Street Journal, Channel News Asia, and others.
  • Air Asia, JetStar Asia, Aero Asia, and other Asian-focused companies
  • The ASIA TLD meets market demand for a REGIONAL DOMAIN that boosts worldwide recognition and regional competitiveness in a rapidly expanding community.

    Asia, which is home to more than 60% of the world’s population, is undergoing rapid economic and technological development. A specialised domain can assist regional participants in cementing a shared regional ONLINE IDENTITY and realising their full potential.

    Because SMEs are often the market’s largest and fastest-growing section, it is widely assumed that they will profit the most from a regional’s market-expanding potential.

    Domain ASIA.

The.ASIA proposal may be traced back to many key conversations that began in 2000 to develop a regional top-level domain (TLD) called “.AP.” Many regional organisations in the Pan-Asian and Asia-Pacific regions were immediately recognised.

Following that, in 2003, ICANN issued a Request For Proposal (RFP) for Sponsored Top Level Domain Names.

DotAsia is a community-driven effort that was neither initiated or required by any government. Instead, it was a grassroots movement sponsored by a number of well-known groups in the area.

The Pan-Asia and Asia-Pacific area (designated by ICANN as Asia/Australia/Pacific region; Read more.) can register names under. ASIA TLD. The Individuals, corporations, organisations, and community groups can all utilise the ASIA domain.

Yes,.ASIA will be the first to provide ASCII domain names. Following that, it will gradually roll out IDN services, language by language, adhering to IETF IDN standards and ICANN IDN rules.

Only 3 characters or more are currently allowed. ASIA domains (such as are available for purchase. DotAsia applied to ICANN in August 2011 to have 1 and 2 character names like ‘’ released. On February 29, 2012, this request was authorised. These names will be released by DotAsia in collaboration with our channel partners. Please contact us if you’d want to be kept informed about the publication of these names.

When registering a.ASIA domain, a regional address is not required. You may be requested to submit a Charter Eligibility Declaration (CED) contact or a Charter Eligibility Administrative (CEA) contact, depending on the services provided by your registrar of choice.

Terms and Conditions

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  6. The cost of registering a domain is non-refundable.
  7. The registration/purchase of Premium Domains, Pragmatic Domains, and Premium Numeric Domains are not included in this campaign. Any domain orders involving the aforementioned domains may be cancelled by Wesbytes.
  8. Characters in domain names are limited, according to this information.
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