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SSL Certificate

Protect your customers' personal information and online transactions.

What is the distinction between secure and insecure?


Not Secure

Cybersecurity virus protection

Why is an SSL Certificate Required?

6 hours4

Protect Sensitive Data

To keep your clients' important information, such as credit card numbers and passwords, safe from prying eyes.


Trust and Secure

Make potential consumers feel safe, trusted, and confident when they trade online or conduct business with you.


Prevent Penalised By Search Engine

Search engines strive to give reliable and safe search results to its users. SSL-enabled websites will get more authority, allowing them to rank higher.

What Does It Contain? Plans for SSL Certificates


Site security seal

A secure website may boost client trust.

mobile and laptop


All major browsers and mobile devices are supported.


24/7 Technical Support

Professional customer and technical assistance is available 24/7.


Site security seal

Remove the browser’s Not Secure warning.

6 hours

Strong bit encryption

All browsers trust the strongest encryption.


Hacker will be missed.

In the browser, secure padlock.

What Type Of SSL Certificate Is Suitable For Your Website?

Standard SSL

As low as

$3.99 /month 


Recommended for personal sites, blogs and small forums

Secures 1 Domain

Domain Validation

Security Level – Medium

256 Bit SSL encryption

Ideal for wbeiste that doesn’t collect users’ personal information

Boosts your site’s Google ranking

Organization SSL

As low as

$9.99 /month 


$26.13 – SAVE 79%


Secure Company and Business Websites

Secures 1 Domain

Organization Validation

Security Level – High

256 Bit SSL encryption

Affordable professional-level certificate

Make potential customers feel safe to do business on your websites

Boosts your site’s Google ranking

Business SSL

As low as

$17.99 /month 


$128.38 – SAVE 79%


Secure E-Commerce and Business Websites

Secures 1 Domain

Extended Validation

Security Level – Very High

256 Bit SSL encryption

Suitable for business websites dealing with sensitive transactional data

Boosts your site’s Google ranking

Wildcard SSL

As low as

$26.99 /month 


$14.77 – SAVE 79%


Secure E-Commerce and Business Websites

Secures 1 Domain and all subdomains

Organization Validation

Security Level – Very High

256 Bit SSL encryption

Efficient solution to secure several subdomains with one SSL

Boosts your site’s Google ranking

Compare Types Of SSL Certificates

Features Standard SSL Organization SSL Business SSL Wildcard SSL
Best suited for
Personal websites
Company and organizations websites
eCommerce and business websites
eCommerce and business websites
Displays trust indicator in address bar
Auto-validation, issuance in minutes
Registration authority (RA) manual validation, issuance within 7 days*
Boosts Google ranking
Strong SHA-2 & 2048-bit encryption
Padlock in address bar
Security trust seal
Protects all subdomains (Wildcard SSL)

How Does SSL Work?

This Presumes That SSL Has Already Been Issued By SSL Issuing Authority.


The SSL (secure socket layer) protocol is the online standard for encrypting user-to-website connections. Encryption, a technology that prohibits eavesdropping and manipulation with any sent data, protects data delivered via an SSL connection. SSL gives companies and customers trust that personal information supplied to a website, such as credit card details, will be kept secret.

It is strongly suggested that you install SSL on your site if you are doing e-commerce transactions or if you have a website that requests consumers’ private and personal information. To put it another way, as a responsible website owner, you must have an SSL certificate to secure your clients’ information from being tapped or stolen via the Internet.

In order to set up SSL on your website, you’ll need a domain name and a dedicated IP address.

After GeoTrust validates and authenticates your domain name, you may obtain the SSL within 24 hours with QuickSSL. It might take 3 to 5 days to get a properly authenticated certificate, such as a Power Server ID or True BusinessID certificate.

No, a trial SSL certificate is not available.

If you bought your SSL certificate from Wesbytes,
Customers must pay a One-Time Setup Fee (RM 100.70) to Wesbytes when purchasing an SSL certificate from them. A dedicated IP address is provided at no cost.

If you bought your SSL certificate from a different SSL supplier,
Customers must pay a Setup Fee (RM 100.70/installation) to Wesbytes if an SSL certificate is acquired from another supplier. A dedicated IP address is provided at no cost.

We provide Linux web hosting services. Which one you need depends on what you want to accomplish with your site, such as if you want to use a Web application to establish a shopping cart, blog, or podcast. You may always have a live chat with the Wesbytes hosting support staff if you’re not sure what you need. We’re available to assist you at any time.

You may create your website in a variety of methods, ranging from hand-coding HTML to utilising a website builder like Weebly.

You’ll profit from tools and software that may assist you design your website if you need a lot of flexibility and variety. Our Web hosting services provide free server-side software for developing and customising your website, such as popular Content Management System (CMS) tools like WordPress® and Joomla!®.

We want to make the process of creating your website as simple as possible. You may quickly upload your files to your Wesbytes hosting account if you want to utilise popular Web design tools like Adobe Dreamweaver®, Microsoft Expression®, or Apple iWeb.

Corporations, limited liability companies, single proprietorships, partnerships, governments, and schools are all examples of businesses. In other words, any legal entity that has been registered with your local or state government.

Individuals who are not registered as sole proprietors are not eligible to apply for EV.

It takes roughly ten days to finish Wildcard SSL.

Terms and Condition

  1. Only new registrations are eligible for the promotion pricing. The pricing will be returned to Wesbytes’ price for renewal.
  2. All prices are in US dollars.
  3. SSL Certificate purchases are not eligible for a refund.
  4. Please contact us if you have any questions.
  5. Wesbytes has the right to change any of the Terms and Conditions at any time and without notice.