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Our VPS are designed to offer you the ultimate website performance, with lightning-fast speeds. Experience our Virtual Private Server hosting and take your website to the next level.

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Get lightning-fast website performance and unbeatable reliability with our VPS hosting plans, designed to take your website to the next level.




1 GB Memory

1 vCPU

20GB Disk Space 

Unmetered Data Transfer 

IP Address

100 Mbps Bandwidth

Full Root Access

Include Lite Management plan Free SSL/HTTPS to secure 




2GB Memory 

2 vCPU

40GB Disk Space 

Unmetered Data Transfer 

1 IP Address

100 Mbps Bandwidth

Full Root Access

Include Lite Management plan Free SSL/HTTPS to secure 




3GB Memory 

3 vCPU 

60GB Disk Space 

Unmetered Data Transfer 

1 IP Address

100 Mbps Bandwidth

Full Root Access

Include Lite Management plan Free SSL/HTTPS to secure 




 4GB Memory 

4 vCPU

80GB Disk Space 

Unmetered Data Transfer

1 IP Address

100 Mbps Bandwidth

Full Root Access

Include Lite Management plan Free SSL/HTTPS to secure 

Unbeatable Feature

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supersonic access

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Get your hosting account instantly within 30 seconds! Simply fast.


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Our Virtual Private Server's Infrastructure

The VPS Performance we provide for you to enjoy a swift hosting experience

SSH and processor resources

Our VPS servers are all outfitted with the most recent Intel Xeon processors, terabytes of NVMe SSD disc space, and 512 GB of RAM per server. This provides you with enough processing power to handle any medium or large online project.

100Mb/s network

Enjoy lightning-quick website load times and a 99.97% server uptime guarantee. Allow your visitors to have a pleasant user experience without having to worry about unplanned downtime.

Full Root access

With full root access, you can take complete control of your hosting environment. Customize your VPS server and monitor all resources in real time.

Dedicated IPV4 Add-On

Need more than dedicated IP? Just add-on extra IP to your cart. Keeping your connections secure and efficient while using the latest IP technology.

KVM Virtualization

Our VPS technology, which is based on Intel Processors with x86 capabilities and NVMe SSD storage, provides the performance you require at unbeatable prices. Our experts have optimised each virtual server to meet the needs of modern businesses, so you can enjoying a more stable, reliable hosting experience.

Backups up and Snapshots

Because of automated backups and manual live snapshots, your project can be restored in minutes.

Linux-based VPS Hosting Solutions

Discover the Best Operating System for Your Linux VPS Hosting.

ubuntu operating system logo
debian operating system logo

Frequently Asked Questions About VPS Hosting

Discover the answers to the most popular inquiries concerning our VPS server packages.

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is one of the most adaptable hosting solutions. It provides you with a private partition on a physical server with exclusive resources for your use. This means you can control, customise, and configure your virtual server as you see fit, which is ideal for professionals who require flexibility and power in their projects.

While a VPS is self-managed, which means you have control over everything on the server, we handle the backend, managing the physical server and ensuring speed, uptime, and stability.

A Linux virtual private server (VPS) is a virtual server that is specifically designed to run the Linux operating system (OS), including distributions such as Ubuntu and Fedora.

Linux, as an open source operating system, provides numerous advantages to users. It gives them access to the source code and allows them to fix bugs while maintaining the highest level of security. The operating system also has more processing power and capacity, so websites load faster, improving the user experience. That is what our Linux VPS hosting services provide.

Technical knowledge is required to fully enjoy the benefits of VPS hosting. As a VPS hosting provider, we give our clients full root access, which they can use to tailor their VPS hosting to their specific needs.

While we provide a user-friendly dashboard to help with server management, it is still a difficult task. Yes, technical knowledge is required to fully benefit from VPS hosting.

VPS hosting is intended for resource-intensive websites, web applications, online game servers, and WordPress multisites that require more power, control, and flexibility.

You do not have to share CPU power, RAM, or disc space with other hosting users with this type of hosting. Full root access allows you to install any supported operating system, customise server settings, and monitor all resources in real time. Because Linux is an open-source operating system, it provides greater power and flexibility.

All of this is why VPS hosting is frequently used by more technically savvy users.

Shared web hosting is ideal for smaller projects such as a personal blog or portfolio. You share server space and resources with other users in shared web hosting, which means you don’t have access to server settings and other users’ activities can affect the performance of your website.

VPS hosting gives you a dedicated partition for your own physical server. Every VPS hosting plan includes a set number of resources that you can use as you see fit, allowing you to create custom server configurations to meet your specific requirements.

While shared hosting is less expensive, it is more limited in terms of resources and how much you can customise your server. It’s an excellent choice for beginners who don’t intend to take on large projects.

If you need more power and flexibility, a VPS hosting with full root access and a dedicated dedicated IP address is a better option.

Although these two hosting services are similar, there are some significant differences. Multiple instances can be run on a single dedicated server using VPS servers. A VDS or VPS, on the other hand, does the same thing but takes up an entire dedicated server.

VPS hosting is an excellent low-cost option for medium to large projects. When compared to a virtual private server, it provides more dedicated resources and more control while remaining cost-effective.

Yes, you certainly can. You can use your VPS to run a VPN server, a web server, a mail server, a game server, and so on. The advantage of using a VPS hosting service is that you have complete control over your server and resources.

You should have no trouble running any typical application, service, or module that can run on a dedicated server or local machine as long as the software does not require modifying your VPS kernel and your server has enough memory to allocate.

You are in charge of VPS hosting. This means you will be in charge of your VPS hosting, giving you the freedom and flexibility to run it however you want.

Our tutorial library can assist you with everything from server administration to setting up your WordPress site on a VPS. You can also reach out to our customer service team at any time, and they will answer any general questions you may have.

Hosting providers that provide self-managed services give users complete control over configuring and managing their virtual servers. This also implies that the provider does not provide any additional maintenance services, so users must have technical skills to fully utilise it.

Our VPS hosting services are all securely divided by specialised software, ensuring top-notch security. Additionally, you’ll be safeguarded by BitNinja, advanced DDoS defence, and other specialised tools designed to monitor and defend our entire infrastructure.

Every VPS hosting plan includes a dedicated IP address. The advantages of doing this include the development of domain-based email addresses that won’t be considered spam and more sophisticated security features, as well as the ability to directly access your website via FTP. We also provide additional IP add on if you need more than 1 IP. Kindly reach out to use if you need us to add on any services on your VPS server.

Yes you certainly can. Just reach out to us and we will help you in the upgrading process.

When you have acquired the technical knowledge required to run your own VPS hosting and web hosting is no longer sufficient for your needs, VPS hosting is the best option.

yes we do offer Windows VPS. Here is our windows VPS Plans.

The VPS network speed will be restricted to a minimum of 5Mbps until reset again the following month if the overall VPS traffic limit is exceeded.

The automatic weekly backups option is one of our VPS hosting services. The most recent backup will take the place of the week’s old backup. As an alternative, you can take a snapshot of your existing system using the VPS control panel’s snapshot feature and promptly restore it. If you need any assitance in backup services, reach out to our support team, we will help you out.

We currently have 4 data centers in the following locations: United states, Europe, Singapore and Malaysia. Unfortunately, our VPS server are currently only available in Malaysia Data Center as the rest of the location are out of stock.

The following offer from Wesbytes is available for Unmanaged VPS new orders (excluding renewals)  until 30 June 2023, 8:00 GMT, subject to server availability. The time of order processing by Wesbytes will serve as proof in case of any disputes, and the offer will only be valid while stocks last. Server renewals will be billed based on the prices and conditions displayed on the website on the renewal date, and cannot be used with any other special offers. You may request for a refund within seven (7) days of sign-up and receive a full refund of any fees paid, less any setup fees or domain registration fees. However, any promotional VPS hosting services are not eligible for a refund. To subscribe, you will need to accept Wesbytes’ contractual conditions – Terms.