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The Benefits of Cloud Hosting Over Traditional Hosting

Traditionally, there were two major hosting platforms: low-cost Shared Hosting and high-performance but costly Dedicated Hosting. Virtual Private Servers (VPS) were introduced to the web hosting industry with the introduction of virtualization. Cloud Server Hosting, which is scalable and highly secure, has become popular as a result of the development of the cloud and its applications to hosting.

Cloud hosting is a type of website hosting in which your website’s data is distributed among numerous servers rather of being stored on a single one. Redundancy, speed, performance, security, and scalability are all advantages of this hosting solution.

Cloud Hosting

How is Cloud Hosting better?

1. Redundancy

The architecture of Cloud Hosting provides a lot of built-in redundancy, which is one of the most essential advantages of Cloud Hosting.

Because data is kept across several servers and data in Cloud Hosting travels often, many businesses use instant data mirroring, which duplicates and stores data in multiple locations in real time. So, if you ever lose data, it’s simple to recover it.

Hacking isn’t the only source of data loss. Data loss might also be caused by technical issues. Hard discs fail on a regular basis. As a result, the built-in redundancy is extremely beneficial.

2. Low cyber-threat exposure

An attack on your web server in a traditional hosting setup puts all of your website data at danger. With Cloud Hosting, however, even if a server is attacked, your data is not at risk because it is distributed over numerous servers.

As previously stated, there is a lot of data flow in Cloud Hosting. This also serves as a defensive firewall against cyber-attacks. It’s easier to design an attack if data is permanently stored on a single server.

However, if a website’s data is kept in many locations and is frequently in transit, organising a successful hack becomes nearly difficult.

3. Load lightning fast websites

There are occasions when speed suffers in traditional hosting, where several websites are hosted on a single server. This is especially true if there is no website isolation in place and no separate servers for the websites.

Because it does not have to cope with the complications of traditional hosting, cloud hosting provides excellent performance. To make Cloud Hosting blazing fast, several hosting firms utilise caching and a few additional techniques.


Cloud hosting has been proven to be a reliable technique of website hosting. It provides excellent features and performance at an affordable price, which is why it is becoming increasingly popular.

If you’re seeking to acquire a Cloud Hosting package, make sure to choose with a reputable vendor who has a track record of offering safe, quick, and dependable hosting services. This allows you to focus on your website rather than worrying about hosting concerns.