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The Right Time to Switch Your Blog from Shared to VPS Hosting

When someone first starts a blogging website, they anticipate a modest volume of traffic, therefore affordability is a big factor in determining the sort of hosting they need. Shared Hosting is the most affordable choice on the market. For the initial website, it’s acceptable to go with a Shared Hosting package. However, it may not be able to meet all of your needs, particularly when your website grows and develops its own set of vulnerabilities. However, many people may not be able to afford a Dedicated Server because renting out the entire physical server costs money.

This is where Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting comes in. It is regarded as a hybrid of the best of both worlds, attempting to strike a balance between the functionality of a Dedicated Server and the cost of a Shared Hosting plan.

VPS Hosting

When Should You Upgrade to a VPS Hosting Plan?

1. Laging Website

If your website has started to lag or load slowly, it’s possible that your hosting is to blame. Unused plugins and CSS files are other concerns that Shared Hosting’s fixed resources may not be able to handle. VPS Hosting gives much faster page load times than shared hosting due to its architecture.

2. Increased Traffic Recently

If your website has experienced a recent rise in traffic as a result of organic visitors or a paid advertising campaign, the server may experience downtime due to resource overuse. Your website, as well as all other websites on the Shared Hosting server, may fail if the resource limits on the server are surpassed.

3. Customization is Your Priority

Shared hosting does not provide you root access to edit the server, however VPS hosting allows you to configure and modify the software to meet your specific demands. You can even install your preferred operating system on your VPS.

4. Revenue Generation

If you want to make money from your site, VPS Hosting could be your best friend. It is considered to be more reliable than shared hosting. Any downtime could cost you money and drive away potential customers.

5. Multiple Blogs

VPS Servers can be a wonderful upgrade if you want to set up multiple blogs and your existing hosting couldn’t meet the bandwidth demand.


As previously stated, shared hosting is still the preferred option for inexperienced bloggers, and for good reason. However, there are a number of variables to keep care of. It may be time to change to a VPS Hosting server if you expect your website to grow or if you’re having problems with your current shared server.