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Differences Between Shared & Dedicated IP Addresses

Last modified: June 23, 2022
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An IP (Internet Protocol) address is associated with each domain name that hosts a website. The actual address of a website is its IP address. Long IP address numbers, like, are hard to remember, which is why the domain name was created.

Shared IP

First off, a shared IP address is one that users utilise for several websites. All websites on a webserver can be hosted via a shared IP. The reputation of each IP address shared by users on the server might be impacted by the site owner’s actions. For instance, if an IP address is blacklisted for sending SPAM email, any websites using that shared IP address would also have their mail blacklisted. We make a concerted effort to stop, deal with these problems quickly, and punish anyone abusing the system. The decision to delist an offending IP, however, rests solely with the administrator of the blacklist.

A shared IP can be used by many website owners to host their website. They won’t be impacted by another website housed on the server. If you use our mail services and your mail is essential, we advise getting a dedicated IP address so that only users on your domain can have an impact on your reputation.

Dedicated IP

An IP address designated only for one site is known as a dedicated IP. To have complete control over the reputation of their IP address, large websites or e-commerce companies frequently employ a dedicated IP address. We frequently advise a dedicated IP address because ecommerce sites are required to use SSL.

Shared IP- assigned to multiple websites; Dedicated IP- uniquely assigned to one website

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