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How to Generate and Download a Full Backup in Plesk

Last modified: July 2, 2022
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How to Generate and Download a Full Backup in Plesk

1. Firstly, log into Plesk.

2. Secondly, click on Domains.

3. Thirdly, click on Manage Domain or Manage Hosting.

4. Then, click on Websites & Domains.

5. Next, click on Backup Manager.

6. Then, click Back Up.

7. The Backup Settings will then let you make your selections. This covers changing the backup name’s prefix, deciding whether to create a multivolume backup, where the backup will be created, and whether a notification is wanted.

8. Select the Domain setup and content option from the same window. Following completion of this step, the drop-down menu to the right will turn active, allowing you to select the type of backup you desire that includes material for your domain. Your domain will be completely backed up if you choose the All configuration and content option.

9. The final option on this screen lets you suspend the domain while a backup is being performed. When a domain is suspended, web traffic won’t be able to access it while it is being backed up.

10. Click Back Up to immediately backup your domain after customising your backup.

11. This will bring up the Backup Manager once more. You will see it displayed below once the backup is finished. To view the new backup.domain, you might need to reload the page.

12. Lastly, you may also choose to save a copy of this backup to your local computer. To do so, click the green arrow that is to the far right of the desired backup.

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