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Using multi-account functions in WHM

Last modified: June 28, 2022
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Using multi-account functions in WHM

1. Firstly, log into WHM.

2. Then, click on the Multi-Account Functions link

For multi-account functions, there are 2 tools available. Multiple accounts may be upgraded or changed at once. Alternately, you can remove or terminate many accounts at once.

Depending on how many accounts you need to update or remove, using these multi-account functions as opposed to doing the work one account at a time may save you a lot of time in both situations.

3. Let’s click the modify/upgrade multiple accounts link.

4. A list of all the accounts in this reseller plan may be found on the left. There are various selection options on the right that might help when there are dozens or even hundreds of accounts to choose from.

5. Let’s go ahead and select two accounts in this list.

6. After that, let’s select a new package for both of these accounts.

7. Then click the change button.

That’s it! Both accounts have been changed to the new package.

Terminate Multiple Accounts

1. Firstly, click the Multi-Account Functions link.

2. Then, click the terminate multiple accounts link.

3. You can close (or delete) many accounts at once from this page. Due to the fact that closing an account permanently, proceed with extreme caution. Don’t ever deactivate your primary reseller account, either.

4. You must enter the prescribed phrase into the text box before selecting the destroy selected accounts option if you want to delete numerous accounts at once.

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