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Last modified: July 2, 2022
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How To Build A Unique Website

1. Choose a Relevant and Memorable Domain Name

Our website’s domain name is, which is a distinctive address for reaching it. You must choose one for your website; you may view the domain names Wesbytes is offering HERE. You can transfer an existing domain name to any other domain registrar you like.

2. Choose your desire Website Builder.

You can create your own website using a website builder without having any coding or technical knowledge. Using drag-and-drop tools or templates, you may effortlessly construct your website.

3. Sign Up a Plan

Find your ideal strategy now. The less expensive plans would probably do just enough if you only need a simple website for a blog or small service business. Check out the features offered with the more expensive plans if you require something more advanced. You may always start out modestly and then upgrade.

4. Pick a Design Template

Select a template or theme now to get started. After you join up, your website builder will direct you to this step. By industry or website type, templates are grouped. Look over the themes carefully and choose your favourite.

5. Customize and format your Content.

Add your own photos and some wonderful material to personalise your website. You can “slide” text and image boxes around each page and replace any “placeholder” material that is currently on your template.

6. Choose and Download Applications.

Want More? To add any features or plugins to your site, check out the app store provided by your website builder. You can integrate social media and add forms, for instance.

7. Preview and Test your Site.

Prior to going live, don’t forget to preview your website and check out the responsive view on mobile, tablet, and desktop!

8. Publish and Go Live!

Simply click “Publish” after you’re finished! However, after it has been published, you may always make adjustments to your website.

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