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What is the MS FrontPage version?

Last modified: June 28, 2022
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What is the MS FrontPage version?

Microsoft’s 1995 edition of MS Frontpage, often known as Microsoft Office FrontPage, is a web authoring programme. Microsoft’s own web browser, Internet Explorer, was created with Frontpage in mind. In 1998, the Macintosh version was made available. It facilitates the creation of web pages and comprehensive, sophisticated websites.

Additionally, from 1997 to 2003, MS Frontpage was a part of the Microsoft Office package. It also has a WYSIWYG HTML editor, which means “what you see is what you get.” This style of editor has the advantage of displaying content in real time just as it does in the preview. Adobe Dreamweaver CC and Froala are two further instances of WYSIWYG editors.

The special FrontPage script features include guestbooks, hit counters, and feedback forms. In order to access full features, web hosting companies used to use “FrontPage server extensions” software from Microsoft. However, Microsoft has not published any new versions of the server extensions since 2002, and they will not make any new versions in the future.

After 9 years of it has been an award-winning Web authoring tool for 9 years, Microsoft discontinued Frontpage in December 2006. According to the Microsoft website, the latest MS Frontpage version is 2003 with an online manager. Since the old “server extensions” are incompatible with modern Web servers, it’s no longer possible for hosting companies to use the original old software Microsoft provided. If you previously used FrontPage Server Extensions, the basic text and images on a FrontPage site will continue to work, but some other parts that require FrontPage Server Extensions won’t work.

Version of MS FrontPage:

Vermeer FrontPage 1.0 — 1995
Microsoft FrontPage 1.1 — 1996
Microsoft FrontPage Express 2.0 (free simple web page editor came with Internet Explorer 4 and 5, and could be found online from numerous shareware Web sites — 1997
Microsoft FrontPage for Macintosh 1.0 — 1997
Microsoft FrontPage 98 (version 3) — 1997
Microsoft FrontPage 2000 (version 4): Also included in Office 2000 Premium and Developer editions — 1999
Microsoft FrontPage 2002 (version 10): Included in Office XP Professional with FrontPage (volume license only), Office XP Professional Special Edition and Office XP Developer edition. Starting with this version, the version number jumps to 10.0 to tally Microsoft Office versions. — 2001
Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 (version 11): Not included in any of the Office 2003 editions, sold separately. It was included with Windows Small Business Server 2003 Premium Edition. — 2003

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