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Why is connection MySQL error?

Last modified: July 2, 2022
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There are several reasons this error may occur:
    1. MySQL Server is not Running.
    2. The MySQL server is not listening on the default port or is listening on a port different from the port specified when connecting.
    3. Enabled skip-networking configuration option in the MySQL configuration file.
    4. bind_address configuration option is set to
    5. The user name that connect does not have privileges to connect from their host.
    6. The user name that connect does not have permissions to connect to the specific database in the connection string.
    7. firewall blocks incoming connections to the MySQL host or outgoing connections from the client host.
    8. The web host / ISP does not allow remote connections to the MySQL database.

What should I do?

Firstly, please contact our Support Team as soon as a malfunctioning script is available and overuse to open connections to the database servers.

Moreover, make sure you provide the database server with a username and password, otherwise you will connect as Apache@localhost and will do not work.

In addition, using persistent connections will lead to over-use of funds and connection error. This feature is only suitable if you have a server of your own. 

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