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Increase sales & improve service performance with AI Chatbot on FB/IG & Website

Overloaded with too many personal messages (PMs) on Facebook? Hire an AI Chatbot to save time and money and get higher conversion from Facebook Messenger

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is a software/computer program that is able to mimic conversation with people using artificial intelligence (AI). For example, Chatbots can automate the best possible Facebook messaging experience for your customers.

How Can A Chatbot Help My Business?

Broadcast to Your Fans & Customers

Broadcast and mass send your marketing messages to your subscribers.

Sell Your Products on Facebook Messenger

Help clients with shopping process, suggestions and basic FAQ.

Provide Better Customer Support

Help customer service representatives to answer basic questions.

Automated Messenger Marketing

Tired of answering the same questions? Chatbots can automate the answers for you.

Monitor Facebook Messages in Real Time

Effectively enhance conversation experience for your customers.

Scheduled Service Calendar

Automatically send scheduled announcements or reminders to your clients.

Work 24/7

No more late reply after working hours. Instant response all the time.

Personalize Your Business

Program and customize chatbots to engage with your customers.

Integrate with Your Website Live Chat

Stay personal with live chat using a chatbot on your website.

How Can A Chatbot Help My Business?


Chatbot Services

Perfect plan to launch Facebook Messenger Marketing for all sizes of business.

As low as


Unlimited Broadcast

Unlimited Broadcast Sequences

Unlimited Tags

Unlimited Custom Fields

Free Maintenance
Free 2 Major Changes in a Month
Up To 30,000 of Subscribers

Planning a winning enterprise startegy?

Default Cloud Digital can handle all of Research and Strategy Planning, on a monthly basis so you can focus on doing what you do best — running your business.


As low as


2 hours/meeting: 1 Meeting/ Month

Reports: Bi-Weekly

4 Hours for Research and Strategy Planning

Artwork Inclusive : Max 4 Hours

Real-Time Campaign Monitor Dashboard

Specialist: Executive


As low as


2 hours/meeting: 2 Meeting /Month

Reports: Weekly

8 Hours for Research and Strategy Planing

Artwork Inclusive : Max 8 Hours

Real-Time Campaign Monitor Dashboard
Google Analytics Report

Specialist: Senior Executives


As low as


2 hours/meeting: Weekly

Reports: Daily

16 Hours for Research and Strategy Planing

Artwork Inclusive : Max 12 Hours
Real-Time Campaign Monitor Dashboard
Google Analytics Report

Specialist: Manager

Enhance My Facebook Messenger and Bring Higher Conversion to My Business