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SiteLock Website Scanner

Daily security scans protect websites.

Malware detection and cleanup on a daily basis.  Patch for website flaws that have been discovered.  With the SiteLock Trust Seal, you can boost visitor confidence

Build Customer Trust by Protecting Your Website!

What Is SiteLock™?

SiteLock monitors a website every day for vulnerabilities and defends it from threats such as malware, cross-site scripting, SQL injection, and even email blacklisting. SiteLock analyses your websites and notifies you if any vulnerabilities are discovered or if your website is banned by Google, allowing you to avoid severe economic losses.

Wesbytes is a SiteLock partner, and we exclusively provide three SiteLock packages to our web hosting clients.


Establish Trust

The SiteLock Trust Seal boosts sales and conversions by instilling trust in your customers.

Increase Sales

Displaying the SiteLock Seal on your website improves conversion rates. It will provide your company instant reputation and trust among customers.

Daily Scanning

SiteLock analyses your website for vulnerabilities and viruses, ensuring that it is not banned or spammed.

Business Verification

This proves that your company exists and can be trusted.

Spam  Monitoring

Checks your website on a daily basis for spam and viruses.

Website secured

When you have Sitelock installed on your website, you will receive an immediate notice whenever malicious users or hackers attempt to assault it.

Compare SiteLock Packages:

SiteLock Find SiteLock Fix SiteLock Prevent
Malware Scan
External Network Scan
Website Application Scan
SQL Injection Scan
Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
Daily FTP Scanning
File Change Monitoring (XSS)
Automatic Malware Removal
Advanced Vulnerability Scans
TrueShield™ Web app firewall
Number of Pages
Recommended For
Simple HTML websites
Business Websites, Basic WordPress, Joomla, Drupal websites
Forums, E-Commerce Sites, Advance WordPress, Joomla, Drupal websites
Trust Seal
Business Verification
Phone Number Verification
Search Engine Blacklist Monitoring
Spam Verification
SSL Verification
Domain Verification
Postal Mail Verification
Per Year


Free Setup Fee


Free Setup Fee


Free Setup Fee

How Sitelock Works?


Secure Malware Alert & Removal Tool (SMART)

The in-depth SMART scan examines the surface of your website from the outside in. If malware is found, the automatic programme immediately removes it, preventing your website from being banned or experiencing downtime. When your visitors visit your website, they will get a consistent and safe experience.


Database Protection

SQL injection, a sort of hacking that allows hackers to obtain unauthorised access to database records such as credit card information, is a very devastating assault on susceptible websites. The chance of your website being hacked by this type of attack is also considerably decreased with SiteLock.


Application Scanning

The in-depth SMART scan examines the surface of your website from the outside in. If malware is found, the automatic programme immediately removes it, preventing your website from being banned or experiencing downtime. When your visitors visit your website, they will get a consistent and safe experience.


Malware Scanning

When your website is compromised with malware, the computers of your visitors become infected with viruses as a result of their visit, causing annoyance, wrath, and distrust. Viruses on your website will be recognised by SiteLock, and you will be alerted right away so that we can assist you remove them.

fe-blacklistmonitor (1)

Blacklist Monitoring & Reputation Management

The patent-pending SiteLock 360-degree scan ensures that your website is not blacklisted by search engines. It also ensures that your emails are sent to your clients’ inboxes rather than their spam folders. Finally, SiteLocks keeps your users from getting data security (SSL certificate) alerts when they visit your site by monitoring your SSL expiration date and compliance with web browser expectations on a regular basis.


Network Security

Some network server ports must remain available (for example, the port for web content on your Internet server), while others should be closed (e.g. the e-mail or database ports on the same server). Hackers might steal data, deface your website, or worse if they obtain access to your network. SiteLocks examines each of your servers’ hundreds of ports to ensure that only the required ones are open and that they are protected with excellent security.


PCI Compliance *Extra Fees Apply

PCI is a security standard mandated by the main credit card companies (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express) in order to decrease fraud and ensure that all businesses that accept credit card payments are secure. The consequences of failing to comply with the PCI requirements are severe. SiteLock provides a simple online SAQ (Self-Assessment Questionnaire) that walks you through the PCI application process and provides a one-stop shop for SMB professionals so you can focus on your main business.

Screenshots Of SpamExperts Interface


SiteLock protects your website against a variety of security issues while also demonstrating to your visitors that your site is secure.
SiteLock Basic examines your website many times after installation, looking for security flaws such as malware, email vulnerabilities, and other issues. When all of the scans are finished and your business has been certified, you can display the “SiteLock Secure” logo on your site to let your visitors know that it is safe and secure.

Absolutely. SiteLock makes no changes to the data or apps on your website. We just scan your site, much like anti-virus software on your computer. We spot possible issues and alert you to them. If you want technical assistance, our skilled services team is here to assist you.

Wesbytes is a SiteLock partner, and it offers three SiteLock solutions exclusively to its web hosting clients. Get started right away!

The vulnerabilities were caused by outdated versions of open source web software such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, and others that were installed on your website.
You must create and download a complete backup of your website, as well as upgrade your web application to the most recent version. If you’re utilising a custom-built online application, get in touch with your web developer right away.

It is possible that your website may be hacked, causing inconvenience. Your website might potentially be used to spread SPAM or hack another website that is susceptible.

Wesbytes can ensure that your website is hosted on a secure server and network. However, you, as the website owner, as well as your Webmaster or Web Developer, must work together to ensure the security of your website or web application layer.
Simple Thumb Rules:

  • Password. Make sure your passwords are long and contain a mix of letters, numbers, and unusual characters. Use distinct passwords for various logins, and update them at least once every three months.
  • Web applications that are open source. Ensure that your web apps are continuously current. You may simply update to the newest version of the pre-installed programmes from your cPanel cPAddons, SiteSoftware, or Softaculous using the one-click “Upgrade” button inside your cPanel.
  • Web application that has never been utilised. Make careful to disable or remove any web apps that are no longer in use or are just used for testing.
  • Permissions for Folders and Files Make sure that “All Writeable” and “All Executable” are not enabled for all of your files and directories. Only give appropriate rights to specified folders, and avoid giving “All Writeable” and “All Executable” access to the same folder.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Only new registrations are eligible for the promotion pricing. The pricing will be returned to Wesbytes’ price for renewal.
  2. Until payment confirmation is received, submitting your order(s) to Wesbytes does not imply that your requested domain(s) is/are already registered.
  3. Wesbytes maintains the right to make changes to the terms and conditions of this offer at any time.
  4. Please contact us if you have any other questions or issues.

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