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Data Mirroring And Its Importance In Cloud Hosting Security

Cloud Hosting

Multiple websites are hosted together in a Cloud Hosting configuration, and the data of those websites is kept across multiple servers. There’s also the added benefit of redundancy in your data storage environment, in addition to a number of performance-related benefits.

All data is stored on a single server in traditional hosting models. All of your website data would be at risk if that server were to be attacked. That isn’t possible with Cloud Hosting because your data isn’t stored in one location and is instead scattered across several servers. Cloud Hosting plans, as a result, are more secure than traditional hosting options.

Data mirroring refers to the real-time copying of data in its precise form from one location to another. Data mirroring is used to ensure the redundancy of your computing infrastructure. It’s a common approach in the Cloud Hosting industry.
One thing to keep in mind is that data mirroring and Cloud Hosting infrastructure are not the same thing. Data is stored on multiple servers in Cloud Hosting. Data mirroring is a sort of backup that involves copying all of the data to another storage device in real time.

This means you’ll always have at least two data copies that are perfectly synchronised. Any changes you make to your primary storage device are automatically replicated to the secondary storage device. It’s worth noting, though, that most competent hosting firms will make three copies of the data and store them in two distinct locations.