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Optimising VPS Performance


When you first get your VPS, you might notice that it already has some applications installed that you might want to remove because they don’t serve any purpose for you and aren’t the right programmes for you; by removing these programmes, you’re also ensuring that you don’t have any unneeded programmes on your VPS server that are taking up disc space and memory that could be better used by another programme that you already have.

One thing to keep in mind is that the more programmes you install on your VPS hosting, the slower it will become. This means that you should always think carefully about which programmes you want to install on your VPS hosting because you don’t want to install programmes that you don’t need because they will take up needed disc space and memory, as well as CPU if they are to run.This means that if you want to use your VPS for different purposes, you should consider purchasing multiple VPS hosting plans to meet your demands, as having many VPS hosting plans will allow you to run all of your services as well as more.

You should always optimise your VPS hosting as well as the programmes that you have installed on it to ensure that you get the best possible performance from it, because if your VPS is slow and in some cases unusable, you should consider finding another web host or requesting that your VPS be moved to a different node, because you don’t want to be paying for a slow VPS hosting service.You’ll notice a performance boost in both the programmes you’ve put on your VPS and the VPS itself – you might even be able to install another handful of apps if you can get your VPS to run smoothly with the programmes you already have.

It is also critical that you monitor the performance of your VPS on a regular basis, particularly the amount of free disc space and RAM, as well as the average CPU utilisation of your VPS; these three factors are the most important to monitor because they are the three main resources that programmes use when they are running – they use the CPU to carry out their main operations, RAM to temporarily store program-related data, and disc space to store program-related data.

If you find that either of the main resources is being used excessively, you should consider uninstalling the offending programme or upgrading your VPS hosting package to the next higher one offered by your web hosting company; while upgrading your VPS will cost you more money, the benefits you will receive in the long run will far outweigh the disadvantages you will face if you do not upgrade, and uninstalling the offending programme may prove to be ineffective.