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Configuring Outlook 2011 for Mac

Last modified: July 2, 2022
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Configuring Outlook 2011 for Mac

Create a New Email Account

  1. To begin, navigate to Outlook > Preferences.
  2. Next, go to the Personal Settings area and select Accounts.
  3. For the account type, choose Other email.
  4. Fill in your email address, password and any personal information.
  5. Next, enter your username, account type (IMAP is preferable) and server data. Then select Add Account from the drop-down menu.
  6. You can now send and receive emails from your account. To ensure that the sending function works, you’ll need to change the outgoing mail server settings.
  7. Select Use input server from the More Options menu.
  8. Finally, press OK.

Enable SMTP Authentication

After you’ve created the account, you’ll need to enable SMTP authentication.

1. To begin, go to the Tools menu.

2. Select Accounts from the drop-down menu.

3. Select Email Account from the drop-down menu.

4. Select More options from the menu.

5. Select Use Incoming Server Info from the Authentication drop-down box.

6. Finally, press the OK button.

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