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Do you provide dedicated IP addresses for Shared Hosting accounts?

Last modified: July 2, 2022
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Do you provide dedicated IP addresses for Shared Hosting accounts?

No. Unfortunately, for shared hosting, we do not offer a dedicated IP. Please review our VPS plan if you’re thinking about switching to a private server. If not, get in touch with our sales department for additional details.

When you should switch to VPS hosting?

There aren’t any regulations or norms that specify when you should do it. However, there are a number of signs you may look for to determine if it’s time to upgrade to a VPS:

1. When you start getting a lot of traffic.

First off, getting a surge in traffic is the primary reason why most individuals convert from shared hosting to VPS. This is due to the possibility of low to significant traffic surges on shared hosting accounts. Additionally, the resources are distributed to other websites. It can therefore significantly slow down your website. Your websites and apps will operate more quickly and effectively with a VPS.

2. When you want to install an application that your shared account doesn't allow you to.

Second, the majority of shared hosting accounts only allow access to a restricted number of programmes and services. You can install any application you want if you utilise a VPS. Naturally, it must comply with the hosting provider’s rules. On shared hosting accounts, you are forced to use the PHP version that your hosting company has decided upon. You can use any PHP version you wish if you get a VPS (including PHP 7). On your VPS, you can also install any PHP components you require. On a shared hosting, you can’t install a lot of programmes because you don’t have the necessary modules.

3. When you need more resources for e-mails, FTP accounts, databases, etc.

In addition, the number of email addresses and mailing options is typically a restriction for shared hosting accounts. The same holds true for databases, FTP accounts, and any other resource.

4. When you wanna have more fun.

Everything is enjoyable to perform on a VPS, at least for us. This includes experimenting with various configurations, fine-tuning settings, and learning new commands.

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