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How to Improve Email Delivery

Last modified: July 2, 2022
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How to Improve Email Delivery

Here are four suggestions for improving email delivery while sending emails to others:

Keep Your Mailing Lists as Clean As Possible

To begin, remove all invalid and unsubscribed email addresses from your distribution list. Sending to these addresses will result in a high number of bounce backs and a delay in email delivery. It will eventually lead to your IPs being blacklisted as well.

Size of Email

Second, try to keep your email as simple as possible. Emails with good content don’t need attachments. That is, if you have photographs and/or attachments. It is recommended that you host them externally first and then provide the recipient with a link.

Schedule Your Email Campaign

When sending a big number of emails, be sure you manage your sending time properly. After the initial email campaign, you should plan your next email campaign 1-3 days later. This ensures that all of your messages are sent and that all of your emails are returned.

Internet Connection

Check your internet speed at home or at work, as it has an impact on delivery time.

Email Delivery

“Can a receiver accept your message?”

This phrase refers to whether or not a recipient receives your email, and it comes before the distinction between inbox and spam folder, so don’t confuse the two. If your email does not arrive in an inbox, delivery was unsuccessful, regardless of which mailbox it would appear in.

The term “delivery” relates to whether or not the communication you sent was received. Is the domain name or email address valid? Is it possible that your IP address has been blocked?

Consider how an email could be personified as a harried business traveller on her way to a meeting. The traveller would have arrived at the correct airport if the delivery was successful. She then presented a ticket and passport to establish her identification, and airport security cleared her to go to her departure gate.

When an email is properly delivered, it simply means that it arrived in the intended recipient’s mailbox – which could be in the inbox or the spam folder.

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