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How to limit the number of outgoing messages in Plesk

Last modified: July 2, 2022
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Set up limits of outgoing messages for domain

1. Firstly, login to Plesk.

2. Next, go to Mail > Mail Settings.

3. Select the domain(s) that you want to modify the limit.

4. After that, click Limit Outgoing Messages.

5. Lastly, edit the Limit on outgoing messages section to change the limit.
     Note that the limit number must be lower than the limit given by your subscription.

Set up limits of outgoing messages for mailbox

1. Firstly, login to Plesk.

2. Secondly, go to Websites & Domains > Mail Settings > Email Addresses. Select the email that you want to change the limit.

3. Then, click Limit Outgoing Messages.

4. Lastly, edit the Limit on outgoing messages.

View detailed statistics and edit limits for subscription

1. Firstly, log into Plesk.

2. Next, navigate to Websites & Domains > Outgoing Mail Control.

3. You can see the number of Plesk objects that have attempted to exceed the limit under General section.

4. Click on required object and view the report on Attempts to send email after reaching the limit for detailed information.

5. In Sent Messages section, the daily per-hour statistics indicate the number of attempts to send excessive mail by every hour of the day.

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