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Why do my emails go out so slowly?

Last modified: July 2, 2022
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Why do my emails go out so slowly?

How come my emails are sending so slowly? When sending big volumes of emails, there are various aspects to take into account. Here are some general considerations:

Email Size

The size of the email depends on how much data it contains, and if it is enormous, it slows down email delivery. For instance, the text in your email attachments or any images or other visuals. Use of connections to web server records may be advised by us.

Invalid Email Addresses

The email queue will be generated and eventually slow down the delivery pace if there are a lot of bounce back emails because subscribers are rejecting invalid emails that are not double opt-in email addresses.


Since each email takes a few seconds to send before it is delivered, using an anti-virus tool occasionally slows down email delivery.

Transmission Speed

Your email sending experience will be impacted if your Internet connection is slow.

How to Fix?

For Shared Hosting User

The first and simplest solution is to delete some of the messages from the folder if you are using a shared hosting account. The alternative is to speak with our support staff to determine if switching to a different, more effective backend storage solution is possible.

For VPS or Didicated Hosting Package

Consider the options above if you have a VPS or dedicated hosting plan, or choose to update your storage discs to SSDs. The greater volume of mail in the folders can now be handled by your server.

For account created before June 1, 2011

There are a few ways to correct this for an account that was created before June 1, 2011. The first step is to delete some emails from the folder to make room for new ones.

Altering the backend mail storage engine you employ is an additional remedy. Before June 1, 2011, accounts used a separate, less effective backend mail storage system known as MBOX. Because MBOX is inefficient, the remainder of the engine is hampered by large storage folders.

Consider switching your entire account to one of our current packages if you wish to significantly enhance speed. Even more effective than Maildir is the underlying storage system used by our current products. However, this backend storage option is not compatible with accounts created before June 1, 2011.

Finally, you can solve the issue by making your email smaller. Any huge attachments or graphics in your email would need to be reduced. Unless you’re sending an email with thousands of words, you can probably overlook your text as it just takes up a few KB every sentence. If you are unable to shrink your file, think about sharing a link to it in the email and keeping it on a platform that allows for sharing, like Google Docs or DropBox.

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