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Host Game Server with Dedicated Game Server

Dedicated Game Server

Over the previous few years, the number of peoples who play video games has increased dramatically. Lags, glitches and delays that comes out of the annoying when playing the online multiplayer games. A dedicated game server can be just what you need in order to have the complete control over a private server and lag fix for your server.

Why using Dedicated Game Server

External game server offer less stability, flexibility and control than a dedicated game server. Client server or peer-to-peer hosting are used in public multiplayer games. Over both of these solutions, a dedicated game server provide advantages.

Client Server

Game publishers are commonly run client servers for the multiplayer games. The main host is in charge of all players’ connections. Each players can’t all aspects of the game setup. Client server may be sufficient for many casual gamers. Most of the experienced player believe that they do not have enough control over the gaming experience.

Peer-to-Peer Hosting

Peer-to-peer relies on one player acting as a host facilitate the connections of the other players connect. The host is usually that the player who start the games will have the lowest ping or latency. With this model, you rely on the connection of the host. The computer of the host player must need enough processing power, bandwidth and storage space that need more CPU and RAM. The player who host the server must also need a strong internet connection. If the device or internet connection of the host player is not good enough, then all players will encounter with lags and glitches or the game could crash.

Dedicated Server

You have complete control over your gaming experience with a dedicated server. With the reliable and stable server power that provide by the dedicated server, you can get better performance and you have less lag or low latency. The other players is still connected to the server although that your internet connection has problem. With a private server, you can choose your own tools for your private server to meet your requirements. You can increase the level of security by configure the higher security protocols.


All in all, with the dedicated server hosted for your dedicated game server that you can enjoy the lag free and with the reliable and stable server power for your game serer. With dedicated server hosted, you can also get the good performance than the client server.