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Personalized email address, such as [email protected]

In the perspective of your clients, free email accounts like Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo mail are unprofessional. These free email addresses take away from the value you want to provide your clients and give them a negative perception of your company. It is critical to have a company-specific email account in order to establish trust and confidence with your customers.

Business Premium Email Hosting with EBiz Mail PRO

Customers are 9 times more likely to pick a company with a domain-based email address than one with a free domain or email address. WHAT’S THE REASON?

Email Access from Anywhere

Simply use your preferred web browser to view your emails from anywhere in the globe.

Calendars, Tasks, Contacts

You may exchange essential papers with your coworkers using EBiz Mail Pro and webmail.

Security and Anti Spam

To keep your site safe, we installed enterprise-level security tools on our server.

Purchase with Purchase

Get any yearly hosting plan and enjoy greater discounts

Protect your mailbox from Spam

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Access from anywhere at any time using a browser

Simply use your preferred web browser to view your emails from anywhere in the globe. A uniform look and feel provides you the same experience regardless of whether you access your email on a desktop or mobile device. We support practically every language, including non-Western character sets, in our email. Several synchronisation protocols are supported by our email hosting:


Anything may be shared with coworkers

You may exchange essential papers with your coworkers using EBiz Mail Pro and webmail. This will improve productivity by facilitating better workflow among employees. Your information is sent in a timely manner to facilitate better project execution and completion. The following are some examples of information and documents that can be shared:


Security and Anti Spam

Our first priority is the security of your email. To keep your site safe, we installed enterprise-level security tools on our server. Spam-filtering software will be included in your email to keep unwanted spam at bay.

Interface using Drag and Drop

All browsers are supported, and the drag-and-drop interface is simple to use. The ability to search, flag, and organise your email is included.

Webmail Access with SSL

When you access your webmail, we encrypt your connection. To safeguard your personal information from hackers, our webmail service uses SSL encryption.

Anti-Spam Protection

Our clever anti-spam scanner is updated on a regular basis and employs collaborative learning technologies to reliably identify spam, frauds, and viruses on your server.

One platform to communicate with team members

Our email servers include “Team Workspaces,” which allow for real-time team collaboration within a company. An “always on” group chat panel, shared desktops, and drag-and-drop file sharing are all available in Team Workspaces. Save money and avoid bother!

mobile and laptop

File Sharing

Team members may instantly share crucial papers or data. Dropbox and Google Drive are no longer required services. This is something your email can do.


Guest Participant

Share the link to your meeting with your partners or shareholders so they can attend even if they don’t have EBiz Mail Pro. You may effortlessly collaborate with them on the same platform.

web chat

Audio and Video Conferencing

Up to 8 people can join a Team Workspace audio/video conference, but they don’t have to be from your company. Every user has complete control over their audio and video streams.

chat boxes

Group Chat

Group Chat in SmarterMail is available in all parts of a Workspace. Users may text chat with one another across all features — including during a video conference — and the chat includes features like as real-time image previews, link previews, the ability to add and upload files, and more.


An email hosting service is a type of web hosting that focuses on email servers and caters to business owners that use email as their primary mode of communication. Wesbytes provides Premium Business email hosting services that enable you to send customised emails from your own domain name.

EBiz Mail PRO – business email is created specifically for business users that send and receive a lot of emails. It’s an excellent option if you require extremely dependable email for your business’s everyday operations but don’t want to invest in a dedicated server.

Because each server’s resources are shared, shared hosting email is generally less expensive. As a result, when usage is high among all shared users, consumers may suffer sluggish email access.

Only about 40 domains will be hosted on a single server for EBiz Mail PRO business email. The greater the performance, the less shared users there are.

No, each plan’s maximum number of email accounts is fixed. Please contact us if you require more email accounts.

No. Your EBiz Mail PRO – business email server will be looked after by our expert support team.

Mass mailing is not encouraged since it might put an undue strain on the system, resulting in delayed responses and email access for you and other users. Ebuzzzz Email Marketing Services is recommended for mass mailing marketing emails.

Wesbytes Data Center is where we keep our servers.

Yes. We provide a 100-day money-back guarantee, as well as 99.5 percent server uptime and 99.9% network uptime guarantees.

Since 2001, we’ve been providing web hosting services. Several honours and distinctions have been given to our services throughout the years.

Communicate professionally with custom email address

Get custom business email address with all the enhanced functions to boost your productivity and communication experience.